Agricultural organizations focus on the pasture maintenance of horses. Our specialists make sincere efforts to consistently simplify the production technology using intensive grass growth, minimizing the use of machinery, auxiliary equipment, purchased feed, and working hours of service personnel. For this, they optimize pasture maintenance and conduct production management according to the growing season of grasses and the animal’s physiological needs.


Our pasture management experts consider pasture maintenance characteristics: feed quality and consumption, pasture load and care, grazing system and health prevention, and provision of additional feeding. The goal of using pastures is to dramatically increase their productivity, preserve the valuable component of the grass stand for a long time, provide the most significant number of animals with food and get a high yield of livestock products.

Determination of The Pasture Capacity

To properly organize grazing, our managers know the capacity of pastures and determine how many livestock can be fed per hectare during the pasture period.

Planning For The Use And Monitoring of Pasture Conditions

It is truly a difficult task to manage a pasture farm! This complexity is caused not only by the set of different variables but also by the nature of the interaction of these variables with each other. Our managers make a plan for the use and monitoring of pasture conditions. Such a plan may include information on when to apply fertilizer or manure, sow fallen grasses, the estimated time when sufficient grass is available for grazing or hay, and the optimal irrigation period. Such a plan allows you to consider the annual experience of using pasture land and manage the available agricultural land more effectively, determine what can be done to improve feed quality and nutritional value and maintain these indicators at the desired level.

Management and Maintenance of Grass

We do everything possible to grow, maintain and manage grass in optimal condition. For this, our experts test the soil, use the best quality seeds, and help the grass to increase. It helps the grass to increase quickly. So, cows have enough grass to eat throughout the year. It allows you to increase milk production by leaps and bounds. Call us now for more information and pasture management.