An arborist is a trained individual responsible for maintaining tree health. They are well-versed in planting, caring, and maintaining the tree’s health. Why should you invest in an arborist? Is it worth it? An arborist can add value to your property. Well-maintained trees spruce up your space, but a damaged tree ruins its reputation.

Are arborists certified?

Arborists undergo a training program recognized by the international society of arboriculture. This certification aims to nurture tree maintenance skills. It includes updated knowledge of the equipment required in tree maintenance, tree health, type of trees, and much more. A certified arborist adheres to codes; you can have peace of mind that nothing illegal is happening at your property. They are aware of local guidelines and the latest warning in Mandarin for tree-cutting services.

People often refer to an arborist as a tree surgeon because they cultivate, maintain, and assess tree health. Can you identify tree species, their diameter, and dripline? An arborist can do it. This is what a training program can provide to an arborist.

Why hire ISA-certified arborists for tree services?

People love living in a beautiful environment but having poorly-maintained trees at your property is a liability. Whenever looking for tree service in St. Johns County, trust only certified arborists. Why? Read on to know more about it-

Pruning services

An arborist can determine pruning needs; they are trained to observe dead leaves’ branches and how to remove them safely. They can remove any tree branches interfering with utilities like an electric pole, building, or any other obstructing objects. Sometimes, trees obstruct sidewalks, or dead branches bend down, some weak branches are vulnerable to storms also, and arborists can safely address these issues to make your place safe.

Tree removal

Arborists can identify potential risks that any tree can cause. They help decide whether to remove any tree or not. Sometimes trees look healthy, but in reality, they are dead inside. At any point in time, they can pose a threat. Are your trees located at a new construction site? Trees at construction sites can hinder the work. Instead of removing trees by yourself, you can take the help of an arborist.

Other services

Besides tree removal and pruning services, arborists can provide some extra services for maintaining tree health, soil aeration, tree risk assessment, tree protection, etc. These are some extra perks of having an expert by your side.